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3 person show, featuring Ashley Stecenko & Josh Crockett

Nov. 11 – Dec. 2, 2023, Janette Kennedy Gallery

“Failed Mediation”

March 19 – April 10 2022, 500x Gallery

“Failed Meditation” is a solo exhibition by Scott Bell at 500X Gallery. The exhibition will run from March 19-April 10 with the opening reception Saturday, March 19th from 7-10 pm. This exhibition features new works that comment on the landscape of our attention span, illustrating the chaotic manner of the images that infiltrate our lives. The artist is interested in the pleasure trap of seeking connectedness through the bombardment of media. As a society, we no longer spend time in the simple present; instead, we are paradoxically persuaded to look at everything but what is right in front of us. The paintings in this exhibition represent the constant search for enlightenment in the trenches of unrelenting distraction.


Scott Bell is an artist originally from Florida, living and working in Dallas, TX. In the spring of 2012, Bell received his BFA from the University of North Florida and in spring 2016 he received his MFA at Florida State University. Bell has won several academic awards and has had numerous national and international exhibitions. Bell is currently working on concepts of focus and distraction.